Why eXerterp

eXert ERP system sets up and organizes core turn-around in a process in sync with technology, resources and possessions of an enterprise. Automation of enterprise operation with eXerterp adds value in terms of result enhancements. eXert ERP software is a suite of web based applications including CRM Software - Customer Relationship Management, HR Software, Financial Accounting System, Supply Chain Management, Point of Sale System, Property Management System and Construction Project Management. The application critical approach enables eXert ERP system to automate at grass root level, back-office, intermediary level, administration level, managerial levels and at stakeholder level. eXert ERP system offers enormous controls at each point of hierarchy with clarity and authority including eXert CRM Software that helps you manage customer related information.  eXert ERP system believes in business activity wise best alternative modelling for a successful post deployment review. eXert ERP system increases efficiency and decreases processing time thereby helping your enterprise to achieve higher productivity.

  • eXert is experienced as a force in enterprise automation.
  • eXert meets exact expectations on demand.
  • eXert exploits technology as a resource.
  • eXert provides expert and flexible solutions.
  • eXert examines complex business scenarios with a niche approach.
  • eXert handles user migration with easy Graphical User Interface (GUI).