Food & Meat Processing

All of the food and meat we eat is processed, packaged, and prepared in some form or another. This processing occurs at processing facilities under microbiologically sanitary conditions. Some food products are more processed than others. The methods used to produce these further-processed products are designed to improve efficiency and to improve the quality, value, and convenience of products for consumers. The government and statutory bodies have inspection standards for all food products to ensure the safety, wholesomeness, and accurate labeling of these products.

What eXert ERP does

eXert ERP Is compatible with peripheral data integration for aligning the toughest scenarios of process integration and changing it into a controlled application with supervisory access model of managerial efficiency. Safety standards as per governance are induced in the application logic to enable runtime controls for ensuring a fool proof Quality control aspect.

  • Standardization of weights and measurements.
  • Quality Analysis
  • Expiry management
  • Labor and machine costs
  • Live stock maintenance
  • Packaging solutions.
  • Supply and Demand Analysis.
  • Storage and retrieval control.
  • Quantitative Analysis.