Educational Service Management

Over the last decade, education is increasingly being seen as an avenue to success. Education and training have not only helped develop human capabilities, but have created social opportunities for those who until then had little access to them. The numbers crowding our schools and colleges indicate this growing demand for educational services.
Supporting the growing demand are investments in education, arguably the best investments in the future. A fairly extensive formal education system, at present, is in place providing a range of educational services from the pre- primary to research level. But, with demand creating huge opportunities for supply, a whole new education industry has grown, alongside the fringes of our formal education system. Tutorials and coaching classes, distance education and online learning programs, education consultancies for various courses and study programs, in India and abroad, career counselling services and skills training, among others. Even within the ambit of the formal school sector, the need for more and more educational institutions has encouraged many an entrepreneur and some business houses to invest in education.

What eXert ERP does

eXert ERP caters the needs of educational service providers. Operational time is reduced by mapping multiple processes. eXert ERP integrates related modules and achieves efficiency. eXert ERP is a robust application for data centralization. Presence of online connectivity in eXert ERP helps in all key aspects of an institutional growth

  • Admission Process
  • Student Management
  • Examination Management
  • Employee Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Meals schedule and Management
  • Project Assignment
  • Student Attendance Process
  • Student feedback based teacher Appraisal