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eXert POS system is suited for online and offline retail chains of restaurants, hotels, fast food chains Etc. eXert Point Of Sale system replaces a conventional cash register. Besides recording transactions, a POS Software accepts credit and debit card data, usually with a bar code, tracks inventory and in depth reporting. Exert provides the luxury of retail sales with feather touch merchandising. Retailers may utilize weighing scales, scanners, electronic cash registers, POS terminals, touch screens and any other wide variety of hardware and software available for use with our POS. At the Point Of Sale Software, eXert POS would take charge of the retail calculation based on the particular set of rules and components defined to achieve the best break even through customers based on the region, location, season, coupons Etc., eXert POS will make the retailing and merchandising experience a new paradigm from the conventional to the new era of computing.

What It Is

eXert POS Software Suits online and offline retail chains stores ex: Restaurants, hotels, fast food chains Etc.eXert Point of Sale system replaces conventional cash register. eXert POS accepts credit and debit card data and records transaction. IT tracks inventory and records employee selling hours. eXert POS provides the luxury of retail sales with feather touch merchandising. eXert POS is used with weighing scales, scanners, maintains End of Day (EOD) summary on multiple parameters POS terminals,touch screens.

  • For online and offline retail chains
  • Replaces conventional cash register
  • Accepts credit and debit card data
  • Provides luxury of retail sales
  • Utilizes weighing scales, scanners,
  • Contains electronic and manual cash registers,
  • Enhances functionality with POS terminals, touch screens




EXert POS Brochure

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eXert POS

What it does

eXert POS System is a centralized billing system with retail installation facility. At each level of sales eXert POS uses accelerated sprint and flexibility integrated to enable sales tracking. It focuses on region, department, location branch, etc. eXert POS system reports retail information and provides pricing details. Safety standards are used to negate malpractices in trade.

  • Centralized billing
  • Retail reporting
  • Sales tracking
  • Best price models
  • Promote sales
  • Remote monitoring of sales
  • Optimum utilization of human resource


Delivered Updated information

Uses online connectivity and centralized server, giving updated results.

Acquired Efficiency and accuracy

EXert POS improves efficiency by using updated technologies. Provides accurate and timely reporting of data.

Greater customer satisfaction

Increases customer satisfaction by reducing back office operations.

Enhances Security and fraud control.

Uses login based restriction in order to give access rights.

Integration to peripherals

Integrates with device such as weighing machine/pole display/barcode/thermal printer


Core Features

  • Schemes
  • Promotions
  • Home delivery
  • Supplier Master
  • Discount Vs Costing controls
  • Seasonal gifts
  • Lucky winners
  • Credit/Cash segregation
  • E-POS and pick from a store
  • Location wise comparison reporting
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Customer Loyalty programs
  • Integrated to Financials and Inventory Mgt
  • End of Day (EOD) summary
  • Paper cash Mgt.(Sodexho, Meal voucher, Etc.)

POS Features

POS Masters

  • Loyalty Point Master
  • Pay Code Master
  • Sales Outlet Master
  • POS Register
  • User & POS Register
  • POS Denominations
  • POS Closed Discounts
  • Aisles Master
  • Rack Master
  • Item Store Address
  • Gift Voucher Generation
  • Promotions

POS Operations

  • POS Register Open & Close
  • Ticket Entry
  • Opening Sales at Store with certain cash float amount
  • Making POS Tickets, Holds, Hold-Recall
  • Changing Quantity / Quantity Overrides
  • Price Overrides through authorizations and permissions
  • Discounts; Line Item and Ticket Discounts
  • Voids; through authorizations and permissions
  • Searching Item/Product in POS screen using lookup screen
  • Settlement of POS ticket using various pay codes
  • Applying item discounts automatically / manually at POS
  • Applying Customer Discount automatically from Customer Setups.
  • Applying maximum User discount ceiling at POS screen. (Stops discount overrides)
  • Sales and Sale Return/Exchange in single window
  • Item Images concurrent on every scan of the item.
  • Item Zooms / Views at POS screen
  • Expiry Item and comprehensive Expiry date management (Road Map for future)
  • Changing Customers at POS screening
  • Using Manager Authorization and Overrides (Enabling and Disabling)
  • No Sale (Tracking, Printing and validating)
  • Using Pay-in and Pay-out of cash at POS (Tracking, Printing and validating)
  • View Customers database at POS
  • Cash receipt and receiving A/R payment at POS screen
  • Multiple barcodes for POS transaction defined in Item master
  • Locking / Unlocking register
  • Random weight indicator to weighing items and scanning weighing items (Road Map for future)
  • Processing Cash Register for End of Day activities
  • Printing various journals / X-Tape reports for validations of POS sales
  • Shortages and Over amount tracking while closing
  • Exceptional Listings like Voids, Discounts, and Refunds etc.
  • Performing End of Day and sales-batch preparation that will be imported at HO

Customer Management

  • Category
  • Customer Payment Terms
  • Customer Master
  • Customer Items
  • Customer Items Category Discounts


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