Customer Relationship Management

eXert CRM Software is a an advanced web based CRM software that combines sales, support and planning in order to reach the targeted audience for a better understanding about where the enterprise stands in terms of lead generation, follow-up, bucketing, sales funneling and forecasting regarding the various services or products offered to the end users. eXert CRM System is a handy web based tool with the latest integration features as a tab/palm/device ready application. eXert CRM software is designed on the basis of the current lifestyle and trending of the target audience and demographics. Client/Customer management would be increase efficiency with the 360 degrees integration through quotation/Orders to mention a few..

What It Is

eXert CRM Software is a powerful web based CRM software that manages customer related information. eXert CRM organizes customer information and provides tools to track sales leads from sales start to sales closures. eXert CRM evaluates sales team and their interaction with prospects. eXert CRM helps you to combine all the elements of customer relationship details. eXert CRM software also manages and controls sales process, making sure that no opportunity is missed..

  • Manages customer information
  • Organizes customer information
  • Sales leads from start to closure of sales
  • Easy Access of prospects and sales team’s information
  • Relationship Management and sales services
  • Complete control over sales process




EXert CRM Brochure

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eXert CRM

What it does

eXert CRM Centralizes multiple systems and eliminates duplicity. It connects different stages in order to increase information accessibility. eXert CRM eases the task of Information management of previous employees. eXert CRM maintains centralized system for all Leads, Deals and Contacts.
In order to run your business efficiently, eXert CRM automates the processes. Being a web based software makes eXert CRM readily accessible to the user with a browser and internet connect from anywhere in the world. eXert CRM tracks results and provides sales team members with contact details thereby increasing productivity. Up to date calendaring is automated to avoid missed appointments or follow ups. Tasking is easy as everything is kept up to date.

  • Ensures data integration, ease of information access
  • Eliminates duplicity
  • Centralized system containing Leads, Deals and Contacts.
  • Information protection.
  • Logical flow of information.
  • Provides automation process.
  • Tracks and Markets the results
  • Access of names, addresses, and other contact information
  • Provides data related contacts and correspondence
  • Contains sales graphs.
  • Automates calendaring
  • Keeps information up to date.


Empowers User Experience --Multiple User Accounts, Classifying Roles

Provides high value experience with multiple user and roles.

Enhanced eXert CRM Benefits - Low Maintenance -- No Hidden Charges – Secure

Delivers state of the art technology with no hidden charge. Secures your data and minimum maintenance.

Obtain Charge Report Generator--Mass mail --Add-ons

Uses Charge Report generator to generate reports and send mass mails. Provides high efficiency. Receives add ons.

Provides Online Support ---Online Training ---User Friendly

Obtains high quality online training and support.

Full Control–Transparency

Provides full control over the data.


Core Features

  • Automated Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Deal Management
  • Sales Management
  • Automated Customer
  • Document Management
  • Project Preparation
  • Employee Support Management
  • Dynamic Reports

Sub Features

  • Contact Management
  • Track record maintenance
  • Sales Estimation
  • Quotes & Orders
  • Dashboard
  • Outbound Call Handling
  • Data Import
  • Customizations
  • Case Management
  • Knowledgebase Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Tasks
  • Mass Email
  • User Management
  • Security Management
  • Templates
  • Report Generator
  • Calendars


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