Government Sectors

The Government Sectors governs states or regions of a country, as well as one capital district, and several other territories. The Government Sectors is composed of three distinct branches:legislative, executive and judicial, whose powers are vested by a constitution made and managed by the ruling party elected, and the federal courts, including the Supreme Court respectively. The powers and duties of these branches are further defined by acts of rules and regulations, including the creation of executive departments and courts inferior to the Supreme Court.

How eXert ERP works

eXert ERP   is a fully design and process oriented program with 360’ developer support to tailor to the needs of a federal branch of a governments department. A dedicated team of experienced professionals would chart a requirement gathering and deployment plan for a project to implement a cost effective and user friendly ERP which insulates itself with the regulatory process of a government and how it deals with its subjects. Financial Management, Inventory Management, Assets Management, Employee and Payroll management will successfully suit to the required needs for an e-governance thereby adding value to the government’s approach towards its process and responsibilities.

  • Customized on demand functionality can be integrated with residual supervision and control is possible thanks to our development scenarios.
  • Change management possibility with future change.
  • Maintenance program, to keep up with new requirements.
  • Application change and migration.
  • Integration to other departments.
  • Secured data maintenance.
  • Transparency in administration
  • Online document archiving and manageability.