Looking for a software to manage your property business !

Property Management System

eXert property management erp is a smart web based ERP solution that allows for data to be stored centrally. The benefit is a more feature rich asset management software solution that enables a user greater control and access to the system, regardless of location or device. More importantly, eXert PMS centralized data entry and single property database means all contact and property information is automatically stored and synchronized for use across all PMS business modules, subject to appropriate access rights. With PMS you can focus on managing your rent roll and marketing your property management expertise while PMS takes care administration property management.

What It Is ?

eXert property management erp Is an in depth scaling of property management erp and is an application for coordinating the different procedures to compliment the standard business practices in terms of reporting and data segregation. How would you like a property management system designed for the needs of a multiple office network that also provides secure remote access from any location, the buzz word is eXert PMS. eXert property management software is a domain specific asset management software solution catering to the special needs of the property management ERP sector.

⦁ Web based centralized information storage
⦁ Feature rich
property management⦁Greater control and access to the system
⦁ Stores and synchronizes automatically
⦁ Manages your rent roll
⦁ Markets your property management
⦁ Provides secure remote access

What it does ?

eXert PMS Classifies the ecosystem of business model in to sub-divisions, regions, locations and branches. eXert PMS is an asset management software that integrates with financial transactions. eXert PMS analyses current and historical transactions and generates reports to be used for generating future business. Transparency in the operations enables a clarity of vision.

⦁ Manages Governance and Regulatory activities
⦁ Integrates financial transaction
⦁ Displays accurate equity and share information
⦁ Maintains accounting standards
⦁ Enables clarity of vision


Increased ROI
Produces Higher returns on transactions --Avoid lease Penalties

Manages Multiple Departments
Contains multiple departments like Lease Accounting, Rent Accounting, Occupancy, Operational Cost, Facilities, Receipts.

Faster Deployment with Accurate Results
Enhances user experience with Quick on-site deployment. Uses Transparent and measurable results

Extended Integration
Provides best industry practices of integration.

All New eXert Technology
Implement best-in-class technology and processes to drive efficiencies throughout your Property operations